Notes From Dr. Aggarwal

Promotions for October

Receive $100 off a pair of Custom Made Orthotics until October 31st, 2019.  You need a valid medical prescription from your medical doctor for this promotion.

When booking a massage treatment with Marilou Rooke, you will receive a complimentary 15-minute essential oil application and aromatherapy treatment.

Refer a friend for massage with Donna Bactol and Ashley Li and you will receive a complimentary 15 minutes added onto your next massage.  You can receive up to 60-minutes complimentary if you refer multiple friends.

Please mention promotions at time of booking

If you have any questions, please contact us or call 613-822-2228.

Updated Massage Fee Schedule

Please be advised that as of March 27th, 2019 our fee schedule is as follows:

(All fees below INCLUDE HST)

30 minute registered massage: $60

45 minute registered massage: $80

60 minute registered massage: $95

75 minute registered massage: $115

90 minute registered massage: $135

30 minute non-registered massage: $45.20

60 minute non-registered massage: $67.80

Our Team is Growing!

Our office would like to welcome Donna Bactol, Mengying Li, Marilou Rooke and Rhianna Cleary to our office.

Donna Bactol is a registered massage therapist and treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions in many different age groups (children, adults, seniors, pregnancy). To learn more about Donna Bactol, please visit her bio page.

Mengying Li, also known as Ashley by her family and friends, is a registered massage therapist.  She specializes in Graston, cupping massage, hydrotherapy and sports taping treatments as well as a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.  Her first day with us is March 28/2019.  We welcome her to the team!!!  To learn more about Mengying Li, please visit her bio page.

Marilou Rooke is a non-registered massage practitioner and reflexologist.  If you are looking to relax your back, neck, shoulders, scalp and feet book an appointment with her today.  To learn more about Marilou Rooke, please visit her bio page.

Rhianna Cleary is our front desk support.  She will be in the office during Dr. Aggarwal’s hours.  Her first day with us is January 29/2019.  We welcome her!

To book an appointment, visit our new online booking system.

"My journey to Chiropractic began in 1996 when I became a Yoga teacher. Yoga incorporates the spine in many postures. Chiropractic medicine was and is today the perfect fit."

– Dr.Saryu Aggarwal