Chiropractic Fees

First Visit (Complete exam + treatment): $110.00

X-Ray reading fee: $50.00

Subsequent Adjustment (18 and Older): $50.00 (if with Dr. Aggarwal $60)

Subsequent Adjustment (17 and Under): $40.00 (if with Dr. Aggarwal $50)

Modalities (no Chiropractic treatment): $30.00 (available with Dr. Aggarwal only)

Registered Massage Therapy Fees

(all fees include HST)

60 Minute Massage: $110.00

90 Minute Massage: $155.00

Non-Registered Massage Fees

(all fees include HST)

60 Minute Table Massage: $67.80

60 Minute Deluxe Head Massage: $67.80 (temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19)

Custom Orthotics Fees

Exam and One Pair of Orthotics: $400.00

Need a valid medical prescription

Graston Fees

Included in a treatment when booking with Mengying (Ashley) Li!  See prices for Registered Massage Therapy.

Acupuncture Fees

Upper Extremity / Lower Extremity / Spine: $70 (available with Dr. Aggarwal only)

Reflexology Fees

(all fees include HST)

60 Minute Service: $79.10