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“My chiropractic sessions with Dr. Aggarwal helped me to prepare my body for the birth of my second baby. After experiencing a long and difficult delivery with my first daughter, I wanted to improve my chances of an easier birth for my second child. Dr. Aggarwal explained the importance of chiropractic adjustments during my pregnancy to ensure my pelvis was balanced and “loose” for delivery. With my first child, I was in labour for 40 hours, the last 20 of which were due to the fact that the baby became “stuck” in my pelvis. I ended up with an episiotomy and a vacuum-assisted delivery, and it took months for my body to fully recover. In contrast, the birth of my second child was simple and quick—and required only 12 minutes of pushing! As a result, I recovered from the delivery much faster than I had the first time and was able to concentrate on caring for my children. Thanks, Dr. A., for helping me achieve a much more positive birth experience!

– Danielle


“I have been Dr. Aggarwal’s patient for almost 2 years. Being a mother I had to lift my baby up and carry my son around a lot. That caused a lot of back pain and neck pain. This is why I started seeing Dr. Aggarwal. Not only did she help me get back on track quickly, but also maintain my well-being.  Dr. Aggarwal was also adjusting me throughout my second pregnancy regularly. I truly believe that her adjustments were very beneficial for me, my baby, and my birthing experience. I had a natural vaginal birth with NO epidural, and I pushed for only 9 minutes. My baby weighted almost 10 pounds.  Dr. Aggarwal provides her patients with not only outstanding professional care, but also with always cheerful spirit and positive energy.  Thank you Dr. A for your very personalized approach for your patients and your genuine care“.

– Nataliya


“I have been a regular patient of Dr. Aggarwal’s now for over two years.  Dr. A’s dedication to her patient’s well-being is incredible. I feel so blessed to be under her care.  She is truly committed to her patients’ overall health and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations.  I am always impressed by her vast range of knowledge, her impressive education and her own personal dedication to improving her growing set of chiropractic skills.  Since my initial visit and the subsequent sessions, my overall physical condition has changed dramatically for the better. My range of motion has increased in my back and neck, I have a lot more energy,   fewer headaches, far less pain, my allergies are not nearly as bad and I get half as many colds as I used to. My immune system is so much stronger now.  Dr. A is always very thorough, employing a variety of adjustment techniques, with extensive soft tissue work and various stretching exercises tailored specifically to my problem areas. She always takes time to listen to the challenges my body is experiencing from visit to visit, and always tailors my treatment accordingly.  I look forward to seeing Dr. Aggarwal and Kathy every week.  I am so impressed with Dr.A, her office and the positive energy everyone regularly exudes. I can’t say enough about how great they are and how happy I am as a patient at her clinic.  Dr. Aggarwal is truly a gifted healer and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you!”

– Lisa


“Chiropractic adjustments have improved my quality of life. Since seeing a chiropractor, I have less tension, more flexibility and better health. With Dr. Aggarwal’s help and encouragement, I continue to learn and aspire to better health.  I had had about 6 years of physio for hip and shoulder injuries before I sought the help of a chiropractor. I was adamant that if I strengthened my muscles, everything else would fall into place. However, after seeing a chiropractor on the recommendation of a friend about 7 years ago, I have learned more about how important proper alignment is to health and am amazed at the healing and the strength that have come from this natural approach.  Comparing my first and second pregnancies is the proof in the pudding, since I did not visit a chiropractor during my first pregnancy. Seeing Dr. Aggarwal throughout my second pregnancy prevented the issues I dealt with previously. I did not suffer from discomfort in my hips and thighs while walking. I felt relief from tension in my lower and upper back. Also, I had an easier delivery the second time, when the baby was again facing posterior. The fact that my hips were better aligned because of the chiropractic adjustments I had, made an easier delivery. Dr. Aggarwal and her team at Riverside Chiropractic, Dr. Hassanzadeh, Kathy and Dr. A’s mom, are a professional group who exude warmth and positive energy, who I have been blessed to be seeing for the past 2 years. Dr. A practises the health of body, mind and spirit that her practice is based in. Her belief in full body wellness is evident in the questions she asks of her patients and the openness she shows in her responses. It is evident Dr. A’s wisdom is based in the knowledge of her practice as well as her natural connection with people. And, the alignments I receive are not limited to the spine!”

– Paula


“In constant agony for two years with neck and lower back issues, I had nearly given up hope of existing without pain.  Dr. A restored my life in only a few months.  Her unique, thorough, caring approach is reflected in the positive results.  I recommend Dr. A without hesitation.”

– Michael


A brief history: I have been suffering from chronic headaches with the occasional migraine for over 10 years.

The entire month of November 2011, I was having extreme headaches followed by constant neck pain. I tried many remedies. I would max out on the recommended dosage of Advil (400’s) and Extra Strength Tylenol daily – no help. I started seeing a physiotherapist hoping that it would relieve my neck pain and decrease my headaches – no help. So I finally took my sister’s advice and booked an appointment with her chiropractor… Dr. A. I have never been to a chiropractor because I have heard too many horror stories, and to be completely honest… it freaked me out. Well, my opinion has certainly changed. After just two appointments with Dr. A my headaches have gone away. YES – NO MORE HEADACHES. My neck is around 90% healed. I have full mobility back with a little stiffness every now and again. But with proper treatment, it is getting better. I have been headache free for over 3 weeks for the first time in over 10 years! THANK YOU DR. A!

– Eryn


“Since I was a toddler I’ve been going to a chiropractor. I believe my parents are very wise people to have introduced me to this alternative way of healing. As a Young girl i was in gymnastics and I hurt by back quite badly one day and my dad immediately took me across town to see his favourite chiropractor; the injury never affected me like it should have.

Now that I am in my later 20’s, I visit a chiropractor every 4 to 6 weeks and I have seen the results of continually seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis. During my pregnancy last year, I would feel much relief from getting a more frequent adjustment. In my last trimester I was going every two weeks and in the last 6 weeks of the pregnancy I had an adjustment once a week, sometimes twice a week.

This was my first pregnancy, and I heard stories of how long labour can be with a first pregnancy. My baby was over her due date and I had to be induced. At 10pm I was 0cm dilated and was given a medication to induce labour. Contractions began at 11:30pm and I was given an injection for the pain; I was already 3cm dilated. By 3:30am my water broke and I was 7cm dilated. I decided to get an epidural at 5:30am. The epidural relieved some of the pain and pressure, but by 6:45am I was already 10cm dilated, I had to wait to push because my baby had not completely turned into position, but within 30mins she was in the proper position for me to start pushing and by 9:23am she was born. The Nurse who delivered my baby was SHOCKED at how fast delivery went because she weighed 9 lbs 5 ounces just after delivery.

I give credit to the chiropractor who kept telling to see her during my pregnancy. Thank You, Dr. A!

– Wendiiosta

Thank You!

I wanted you to know that it was a year ago that I met you when your brother put me in your capable hands after I saw him in Emergency at QCH with L4 an L5 protruding discs. I wanted to offer my thanks and let you know that I have made some great progress. When you took your vacation last year, I started seeing Dr. Kris Van der Veer. He has been a great help and I still see him. He was very pleased with the care you had given me and he took over to get me back on track.

I had an MRI in early October, saw Dr. Eugene Wai (spine surgeon) to review that MRI and my one from two years earlier. He did say that it was bad and he could do surgery, but seeing as I was progressing (albeit slowly), his recommendation at that time was to continue my rehab and see him again three months later. I followed up with him in January and he was very pleased with my continued progress. So no surgery – hooray!

So today, I’m 30 lbs lighter, physically active (at least 60 min/day of walking/exercises/stretching) and feeling so much better. I still have discomfort if we’ve gone on a long car drive or if I’ve sat for too long -so I try to minimize those actions.

I’ve modified my work station to be ergonomically correct and when working, I do my best to move every 30 minutes (stretch or small walk). It was a very slow process and it has taught me great patience. I’m very aware of movements that I make and have tried to do everything ‘right’ to help myself.

So, long story to say thank you. I feel very fortunate that your hands were the ones that welcomed me when this happened and helped get me back on track. Please feel free to share this email with your brother so he knows there are patients who appreciate their help and take action to better themselves.

I hope this note finds you well and enjoying personal and professional success.

Thank you again for everything, Dr.A!!

– Anne